Sushi Revisited

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today for lunch I had a hankering for sushi. I already had some sushi rice made, so it was just a matter of debating what to put in it. I was out of shrimp, and I don't trust frozen fish for the raw treatment. It was too hot to go out to the garden, so I decided to scavenge the freezer/fridge for something to fill my sushi.

I had some leftover cooked salmon fillets, so after doing a bit of googling (Google? What can't it solve?) I decided to do what I call "Spicy Salmon Rolls." I have changed my sushi rice recipe a bit. I've discovered that American Neufchâtel cheese has a lower carb count than cream cheese for the same flavor and texture (it's also lower fat, but I care about the carbs here)

2 ounces cooked salmon, sliced in half so you have two long strips.
1 pickle spear, sliced into long, thin slivers
1 tbs mayo
2 drops of hot sauce

For the rice:
1/2 cup calui-rice
2 drops basalmic vinegar
1/2 tsp of granular splenda
1 tbs of American Neufchâtel cheese.

Assemble like sushi. Nom.

Makes 8 rolls.

Each roll has:
Carbs: .7
Fiber: .3
Net Carbs: .4
Protien: 2.3

Yes, I ate all 8 pieces. I have no shame.


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